More than just hardware

Tandem's Software

helps you analyze performance
as well as measure and validate carbon offsets.

Live Data

Track fuel savings
at multiple levels.

Tandem's backend dashboard allows fleet managers to view fuel savings at the equiptment and driver levels.

The data is logged in real-time and analyzed on Tandem's backend instantly for you.

Live Data

Driver Efficiency

Fuel efficiency data is available at the driver level. Fleet managers can access data that describes how efficiently a driver is utilizing the Centaur and connected tractors.

Shown here is Centaur brake regeneration efficiency as compared to the maximum possible energy returned to the batteries.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Take control of your footprint

Tandem can help you meet your sustainability goals with the highest level of validation and tracking on carbon offsets from Tandem's products.

A new level of validation for sustainability.

Tandem packs tons of features into the
backend dashboard, available on all platforms.

Ready to bring your fleet into the future?

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