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Instant Hybrid

Base Model
  • Instant Hybrid

  • No Downtime

  • Extend Fleet Lifespan

  • Lowest Upfront Cost

  • Improve Safety

  • Reduce Downtime

Tandem Centaur

No Downtime
The Tandem Centaur does not require any changes to your current operations. It provides best savings in all-electric mode, but works well with the diesel truck when the battery is depleted.
Love Your Truck
Keep your truck and keep it running for longer. Adding Tandem Centaur will reduce strain on the existing systems, extending the life of your fleet and reducing maintenance costs.
Share in Your Fleet
By connecting and disconnecting in minutes, Centaur can be optimized across an entire fleet.
Improve Safety
NHTSA: 29% of truck accidents involve brake failure. Centaur adds a fully redundant braking method and reduces strain on primary systems.

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Connect in minutes
Disconnect in minutes
Handles Like Normal

Look Under the Hood


When you want a charge, the batteries can be charged to 80% in 45 minutes – with a 250kW charger. Both CCS1 & CCS2 connectors are available.

Tandem's all-electric drivetrain provides 630hp and 4,670 lb-ft of peak torque output. This allows the Centaur to operate with the same responsiveness as your existing equipment.

The Centaur provides a fully-redundant braking system, helping to prevent brake failure and aid in the event of one. Our battery stack is made with a 2-hour fire wall for piece of mind.

Tandem Centaur

A model available for every use.

Long Range

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Compatible with any semi truck

Easily share with vehicles in your fleet

Ideal use

Short-Haul, City, Regional, OTR Short-Haul, Regional, City Short-Haul, City, Regional, OTR

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