Instant Hybrid

Your Trailer, Electrified

0% Reduction

in emissions when connected

$00.00 savings

per hour

0 lb lighter

than a genset and fuel

No downtime

switch back to diesel anytime

*Actual MPG, Cost per mile savings, and time to ROI may vary based on local diesel fuel costs, operation cycles, and other factors.


The right
path to refrigerated trailer electrification.

The Tandem PowerPack is a modular rack that enables zero emissions cold chain operations with existing tractors and trailers. Use the PowerPack without range anxiety, fall back to diesel whenever you need to. Electric standby has long been available to reduce fuel and maintenance costs while stationary. The Tandem PowerPack allows your fleet to take the same great benefits out on the road with you.

Learn more about the Tandem PowerPack.

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