Your Truck, Electrified

Instant Hybrid

Attachable Hybrids
for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Instantly turn your truck hybrid electric.

Instant Hybrid

Your Truck, Electrified

0% Diesel Savings

In all-electric mode

$0.00 savings

per mile

0 days ROI

in fleet shared use

No downtime

no range anxiety here

*Actual MPG, Cost per mile savings, and time to ROI may vary based on drive cycle, proper operation, and other factors.


The best
path to sustainable heavy duty vehicles.

Converting to an all-electric fleet is prohibitively expensive and risky for many, with such challenges as existing diesel fleets, unproven new technologies, and a lack of charging infrastructure. With Tandem Centaur’s instant hybrid solution, companies can safely and effectively migrate their way to a low-cost, sustainable future and reap the rewards that follow.

Connect in minutes
Disconnect in minutes

Handles Like Normal
Your Truck, Electrified


Semi Truck Tractors in USA

Keep your fleet. Lower your costs. Extend your vehicle lifespans. Drive Tandem.

In today’s economic environment, demand for heavy-duty hybrid vehicles has never been higher. The Tandem Centaur delivers immediate results and requires up to 90% less upfront cost than full-electric, hydrogen, natural gas, or diesel options.

90% Better

Up to 90% lower upfront cost than full-electric, hydrogen, natural gas, and diesel.

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